Leica LINO L2P5G| Leica's most visible, and versatile laser layout tool

The Leica Lino™ L2P5G

The L2P5G is the ultimate combination of laser line level and point layout. The brilliant green laser light is visible even in bright day, or outdoor work conditions where standard red lasers falter. The device features a locking pendulum leveling system which ensures accuracy, and auto levels +/- 4 degrees. The chassis of their lasers has been redesigned with durability in mind, and is housed in a IP54 rated enclosure. Construction site durability. The Leica Lino L2P5G can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces. It's magnetic adapter fits into U shaped profiles. Add the UAL 130 adapter and attach your L2P5G to edges, metal poles, and bars.


Technical Specifications
Range up to 35 m depending on lighting conditions
Range with laser receiver up to 80 m depending on lighting conditions
Levelling accuracy ± 0.2 mm / m
Self-levelling range ± 4 °
Beam direction vertical, horizontal, up, down, right, left
Dot accuracy ± 0.2 mm / m
Laser line width at 5m < 2 mm
Laser type 525 nm / class 2 (green)
Battery type Li-Ion rechargeable (or AA 3 x 1.5 V)
Operating time up to 28 h (Li-Ion) depending on laser mode
Temperature range storage -25 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F)
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