Leica DISTO E7500i | Outstanding Functionality

The Leica DISTO™ E7500i, a 14 measurement mode LDM

The Leica DISTO™ E7500i

(iPhone not included)

DISTO™ Sketch integrates measurements into project images or job-site sketches to speed up workflows. Error-free documentation of projects sent instantly back to the office or to the site.

Easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. The unique combination of digital Pointfinder and 360° tilt sensor allows measurements which are not possible with conventional distance meters. In addition, with Bluetooth® Smart and the Leica DISTO Sketch App (Free), you won't have to waste time recording your measurements, because this tool does it for you!


The Leica DISTO™ E7500i is a 14 measurement mode LDM that is accurate to 1/16th of an inch. It is IP65 rated against dust, dirt and rain and features a point finder, a bright LCD screen, a 360° tilt sensor, and Bluetooth Smart.


The E7500i laser module can read a target at distances that exceed your ability to see the laser point. With the point finder -- a 4x zoom digital camera -- you find your target in the display, extending the useable range to the ~650ft max.


The farther you can shoot, the more potential there is for something to get in the way. Smart Horizontal allows you to shoot over obstacles so you can measure the level horizontal distance to your target.


Typical Accuracy ± 1.5 mm / 1/16"
Pythagoras Functions 2 Points, 3 Points
Display 3 line display with illumination
Batteries 2x AAA (10,000 measurements)
Laser class 2
Protection class IP54 (dust- and splash water protected)
Bluetooth® Smart Bluetooth® v4.0
Minimum / maximum measurements Yes
Area / volume calculation Yes
Subtraction / addition Yes

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