Leica DISTO D810 Touch | Touch Screen Functionality

A 15 measurement mode LDM accurate to 1/16th of an inch.

It features a touch screen interface,

integrated digital camera, a tilt sensor, and Bluetooth Smart.

The Leica DISTO™ D810 Touch

The D810's exclusive Measure in Picture (MIP) technology can determine the height, width, area, diameter, or circumference of an object in a picture taken by the D810.  Bracket your target using pointers on the touch screen to remotely measure the width of a second story window, the area of a billboard, or the diameter of an above-ground tank.

With a 600'-plus range, the D810 Touch can acquire a target that is well beyond your eye's ability to see the laser point, especially outside. The point finder -- a 4x zoom digital camera with cross hairs on the LCD display -- solves this problem.


The farther you can shoot, the more obstacles there are to get in the way. Smart Horizontal allows you to shoot over obstacles so you can measure the level horizontal distance to your target.


At distance, even a small wobble in the tool translates to the laser point bouncing in wide arcs on your target. For best results when measuring long distances, keep your dot steady with a tripod and an adapter. The D810 Pro Pack includes a D810, a TRI70 Tripod, Leica's patented FTA360 Fine Tune Adapter,  and a hard case to keep it all organized.



The new Leica FTA360 adapter has a fine adjustment system for convenient and accurate targeting, which fits perfectly with our Leica tripod TRI 70. Together with the FTA360 adapter the Leica DISTO™D810 touch becomes a highly precise measuring solution.


  • Fine adjustment of the laser dot at the target point by holding the device to a stable reference
  • Precise aiming and measuring on small objects and large distances
  • Package specifically designed for exterior applications
  • Complete package in a robust, attractive, and functional carrying case
  • Each product and accessory is visible in the case, so nothing will be lost or forgotten
  • Cases are designed to be stacked on top of each other


What's Included:

Leica DISTO™ D810 touch laser distance meter


Hand loop

USB charger incl. 4 plugs

FTA360 Adapter

Leica Tri70 Tripod

Hard Case

Typical Accuracy ± 0.04 in / 1 mm
Certified Measuring Range 6" - 660'
Display Illuminated
Batteries Li-Ion Rechargeable
Laser class 2
Protection class IP54 (splash water/ dust proof)
Bluetooth® Smart Bluetooth® v4.0
Minimum / maximum measurements Yes
Area Calculation Yes
Unit Display Options 0.000 m, 0.0000 m, 0.00 m, 0.00 ft, 0'00" 1/32, 0.00 in, 0 in 1/32
Height tracking Yes
Addition/subtraction Yes
Multifunctional end-piece Automatic recognition
Memory Last 30 Measurements

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